Wednesday, November 30, 2011

procrastinator's guide to productivity #1

"when i'm spinning, your love is like a rock" 
this specific part of  this song is on repeat in my head right now. 
it's simple truth is what i need right now. just simplicity. i feel like i have made a mess of life. 
my direction is.. foggy, if you will.  i'm sure we all feel like that at times, but i've noticed that this happens to me a lot more frequently than it should. so..
i am taking action! i am taking back my life. i will not let depression eat me alive! 
i will write my English paper
i will clean my room
i will drink more water
i will donate toys for Christmas
i will read more
i will pray more
i will do more

this list is just a few of the things i thought would jump start my journey of self improvement. i have convinced myself that if i get off my butt and do something, other than worrying about my problems, that i will feel better and make my life a little bit more productive. 
don't we all need a little more productivity in our lives? 
what are you going to do to make your life more productive? 

for all us victims to social networking

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