Sunday, November 20, 2011

fa la la la la la alalllalalalala

i hate holidays.
for as long as i can remember i have disliked them. well.. i kinda like Christmas because we all know Christmas is about presents, and i am a sucka for a present. "oh you didn't have to get me anything" is probably the biggest lie i tell! in my head i'm thinking, "yes, another present!!" 
Thanksgiving has always been an issue. family drama as usual. but now it's its even worse because my parents have split and we literally have to choose. naturally we are doing going to both, just like we did Christmas last year. last years' Turkey Day was easy.. we were on cruise with my mom. in theory i'd do that again. but no.. thats not an option this year.
i hate the end of the year. it starts getting really expensive and stressful. however, the good thing is that you can eat your feelings!! muhaha. which is not advisable, but realistic. 
you hate that you can't please both sides of the family adequately, but grandmaw's blueberry pizza pleases you stomach so much that eventually you stop caring. 
and Christmas is even better, because they subconsciously try to out do each other. exhibit A: last year my sister and i got ipods from pops, we went on a cruise ( that was more of a family gift though) wii games, gift cards, money.. we racked up on materialistic love! 

and i know what some of you are thinking; Emily, holidays are about the birth of Christ and Friends and Family and cheer and giving to others and blah blah blah.. yes that's all true, but let's face it for the most part that stuff gets put on the back burner. except the birth of Christ.. i think people who truly appreciate that still show it. 
any who.. 

the holidays are close to smothering us.. What's your least favorite part of the holidays? 

i hope its a puppy!! 

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