Monday, November 14, 2011

i am human. that's no excuse.

Dear Reader, 
went to youth convention.. experienced the Jesus Bubble. it was wonderful. 
came back.. and my Jesus high plummeted. 
story of my life. 

i can't stop thinking about myself, and how weak i really am. when i say weak, i mean i have such a hard problem denying the sin that complicated my life. which we all do, if it wasn't a problem we'd be perfect. 
and let's face it.. none of us are perfect. 

so we have this walk with Christ.. and i picture this walk as a beautiful path. lush green leaves, a crisp breeze, flowers, and the sunlight on just me and God. (man, that sounds great doesn't it!) 
any who.. so on this walk, we sin and mess up.. which is dark, cold and the lush forest turns into a satanic graveyard. i have a twisted sense of humor, so i kinda like graveyards. however, when satan's invited to the party.. i don't like to attend. 
so metaphorically speaking, i'm tip toeing to the graveyard. the whole time, i'm screaming at myself "You Idiot! Turn Back Now!" despite my own wisdom, i keep going and i'm almost there. i'm afraid that if i get to the graveyard i'm going to find myself in the grave. 
so many choices.. and i know what's right. i know what's wrong. 
i am human. and that's no excuse. 

Sincerely, walking dead. 

P.S: what makes you weak?
P.P.S: somebody please say CANDY.. it'll make my day! :) 

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