Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jesus Bubble

having a headache does not make it easy to work on that English paper that needs writing. 
tim and i set out to do that, however, i forgot i left up my blog page.. and my anti Christmas rant was still up. i decided not to post that because it was getting out of hand and semi sacrilegious. 
(Christmas is about presents!!! in a roundabout way) 
any who.. 
This weekend is Youth Convention 2011!!! I'm super excited. Youth Con is super amazing, but another super amazing thing is this year I'm a leader! muhahah. I basically get to chaperone a room of teenage girls. (pray for me!) But still, I think its a pretty big deal. I know its going to be special because we have a bunch of peeps that have never been, and if they don't have a great time, then it will confirm my thoughts that they are the devil ;) 
It's intense. God always shows up. I hope kids connect with God. I don't want it to just be an emotional experience. That's gonna happen.. but more than that I want them to get it. That's the only way I know how to describe it. I've been concerned about this for awhile now because sadly, some things I experienced at youth con were emotional experiences. On the flip side there were times when I really did connect.  It's amazing. 
Don't you wish you could stay inside the Jesus Bubble all the time? When I say Jesus Bubble, I mean, that moment(s) when you are truly connected and for a brief time the world stops and you are at peace and everything is ok. You are with the creator and his love has captured you completely. I love the Jesus Bubble. 
That's what happens at Youth Con!! and that's why I'm going to Evangel and that's why I want to work with youth and that's what saved me from myself and that's hope, and love, it's everything! 

*steps down from pulpit* 

What's your Jesus Bubble like? 

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