Monday, February 15, 2010

feb. 15

         ok so its been a while since ive given you any details about my life.. and since like only two people read this, im guessing you've survived. not much has happened. ok thats a lie. a lot has happened.
i obviously dont feel like going into details right now.
but i have a good reason. im getting over a nasty stomach virus. and when i say nasty. i mean nasty.

so i have finally picked up a book and it has my attention!
finally a world far from this has beckoned my presence and i have answered the call.

i have missed only two days this six weeks and i already feel like im failing.
that stupid note policy at school has screwed up my report cards so many times i now have an anxiety issue with it.
so im into a good book my grades are slipping and i need to shave my legs. life is finally returning to normal. :)

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