Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Take It Easy

I am taking the easy (a.k.a  LAZY) way out tonight. 
I've heard these horror stories of college kidz doing "all nighters". that's not really my style. and since i am in this ever-going journey to find out who i am, i don't wanna do something that may not be like me.  

My Eng teacher told us to bring a copy of evidence paragraphs for our next paper to class tomorrow, I haven't even started. And instead of pulling something out of my butt, I'm going to start tomorrow! Hopefully. And technically I have my first claim written, so I have started somewhat. Real sucky start, but we all know I'm not exactly the model student. After a four hour grocery trip with roommates I do not feel like writing about cell phones.. instead I'll write to you about not writing. 
Oh the irony! 

Today has gone by fast.
Which I like. I hate when my days ddrrraaggg on.
And there you have it. I think I have lost my train of thought... 
Also, I think I may have a small fever. 

Tomorrow is HUMP DAY. Unless you're reading this tomorrow and it is HUMP DAY. 
Half-way through the week. Just keep on truckin', we can do this! 

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