Thursday, October 25, 2012

Registering for Classes: Time Frames, Advisors, and the Email

"All the good classes are going to get gone!" 

First off, I'm pretty sure the phrase "get gone" is wrong.. in some parallel universe, you should just not say that. It sounds tacky. (even though I'm sure I've said it before) 

Second off, I signed up for classes in freaking July and still got in to the ones I wanted/needed. 

If you haven't figured out by now, I'm talking about registering for classes. And since everything is on the freaking internet, everybody expects you to do it by yourself. BIG SIGH. 

I hate having responsibility sometimes. 

Apparently there is a time frame for registration, or early registration I should point out, and everybody is freaking out about signing up for classes. Of all the things I worry about this is not one of them. Mostly, I'm not worried because I am a semester behind and I'm still taking general ed ( and trust me, nobody is breaking their neck to take bio 101). 
BUT it gets worse. (doesn't it always?) 
You have to have a PIN to register.  And apparently my advisor has the my PIN. Yesterday when I went to go get said PIN, she made a call and the other line told her I'd have to go she John Doe to get the PIN. Today when I called John Doe, he told me my advisor should have it. I sent my advisor and email, and OF COURSE I didn't put a subject, so if she doesn't reply I have to resend it, thus more waiting. And she may not even reply today.. 

My time frame to register early ends today. 

Story of my Life. 

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