Tuesday, February 28, 2012

once upon a time there was a magical land where the sky was glittery and it never rained. 
there was a princess, lola, who lived in a beautiful castle with her parents are her dog, arnold. 
the castle was purple and had a red door with a million rooms, slides, and secret passage ways. 
lola had a huge library in the purple castle. she read books all day long, dreaming of love and adventure. she longed for these things to happen in her life, but since she was trapped in the purple castle she was convinced that love and adventure only existed in her books. 
one day, lola was reading in the library her parents ran away from the purple castle. days, weeks, passed and her parents never came back. lola was alone in the purple castle. 
she sat in the library just looking at the books. the sky grew dark and thunder rolled over the purple castle. the glitter fell out of the sky, turning into sparks, setting fire to the ground around the purple castle. thunder rolled again and lightening flashed in the sky, rain began to fall from the sky. 
lola was terrified of the great storm that had struck the purple castle. she slide down to the bottom floor of the purple castle and when she tried to run out of the door, the door was locked. she tried all the doors and window in the purple castle, every one locked. she was trapped in the purple castle. the rain was pouring harder and faster than before and the more it rained the more the flames leaped, attacking the purple castle. 

to be continued...

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