Wednesday, February 22, 2012

it could be worse

"rain rain go away, come again another, all the world is waiting for the sun" -B.B 

Do you ever wake up and not want to wake up? 
Your brain resurfaces to the world and you fight with every fiber of your being not to wake up, but you do. 
I don't mean the kinda of pity fight you have when its cold and you don't wanna go to work. I mean the kinda fight where you force yourself to get up and act human because if you lay in that bed, it will only get worse. Facing the day seems like its getting harder and harder to do. 
I've been feeling that way a lot lately (obviously). 
Sometime I wish life had a pause button. If I could just stop it for a little while, I could rest and get my mind settled, I could come back and press play and resume. 
BUT (always a butt!) life doesn't have a pause button. No stop, rewind, or fast forward either. It would be nice though.. 

Since life doesn't have a pause button we are stuck in the undercurrent and we have two choices: 
we can give up and drown.
we can fight and try to reach the surface. 

I'm desperately trying to reach the surface. And I have faith in myself that I can do it. 
As my friend told me earlier "it could be worse". I usually don't like this phrase, but it's bleeds the truth:
I could have a dead beat boyfriend who treats me like crap, two kids, no job, a pedophile step dad. 
It could be worse.... 

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