Friday, June 28, 2013

Half the Fun is Getting There

So I noticed that the posts about my love life and marriage have gotten the most hits. 
Is that all you people want from me?! The drama??! 

Truly, answer the question. If that's what you want, that's what I will give you. 

Two days of being married have been great! 
With the weekend approaching, we can finally go off for a couple of days and have some time together. (He's had to work this week, so it's been a bummer being on usual routine.) 

Today there has been no nothing going on. Except the part where I've been procrastinating on packing and roaming around the house waiting for prince charming to get home so we can goooooo! 
 ( ugghhh saying stuff like that makes me desperately miss school. I feel useless! )  

You know when you go on a vacation half the fun is the anticipation.

  •  You blow up your facebook with a countdown: 459 days till the bahamas!!  
  • And you plan you packing strategically: OOO THIS TOP IS A MUST! AND THIS DRESS! OHH THIS WILL BE SO CUTE WITH THOSE SHOES!  And then the reality of sunburn sets in and you completely have to re-do your outfits. WHICH IS OK because you packed half the closet to "have options."
  • Then the car, plane, train, boat, zipline, ride etc.. You get in the vehicle  all packed ready to go. And for the first hour you are pumped! Got your snacks, your "road-trip playlist"..ect. BUT then after the first hour your butt is uncomfortable, your want real food (because for some reason traveling makes you ravenous), and if you don't stretch your legs you are gonna have cramps for the next three days. 

Happy Summer Everybody!!! 

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