Wednesday, September 5, 2012

College+Love=Mind Blown

I have no idea where to start. I have so many thoughts floating around in my head. 

But, as I've mentioned many times before, this IS MY BLOG and I can say whatever I'd like. 
And thank goodness it's not going to be graded! 

My English class is kicking my buttocks. 
My science/weather class has confused me beyond measure. 
My math class is actually going pretty well.. despite how much I hate math. 
My history class is.. well, it's going. 

There are sometimes ( like today when my work in my Eng class was ripped apart and basically scrutinized to poop.) when I feel like dropping out of school. 
But then a little silver lining appears (like when I make B's on my math work) that I feel like I can keep on trucking. 
Today I made a mantra of saying "I hate college." After a little while of that I realized that I don't really hate college, I hate general ed. Classes you have to take because the man says you have to take. When I can take a whole slew of classes I want to take, I think I might be happier.. and then again I could hate those as well. Hopefully we'll find out. You know, if I don't join the circus before then. 

Ok, so that's like 55% of the floating thoughts, the other 45% is my personal, romantic life. 
(which is going pretty good, thanks for asking:) 

Our relationship (me and my boyfriend, that is) is special. And I'm not just saying that because I'm blinded by love. I'm saying that because we have what is classified as a "inter-religious" relationship. 
It's complicated and then again, it's not. 
I'm a christian/Pentecostal and he's a Jehovah's Witness.  
At first it was weird.. and we weren't even sure it was a good idea.. and this is a long and complicated story.. sorta.. anyway, not really the point. 
The point:  Things have gotten really serious in the short amount of time we've know each other/been together. 
We've been playing "the what if and when" game. 
Over the past few days I've also had a lot of those "wow, never thought I'd be here" moments. And with the big, obvious reason it's really been mind blowing. 

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